sass & bide is an Australian designer label, dedicated to the strong, the obscure & the beautiful.

The brand established in 1999 by best friends, Sarah-Jane Clarke & Heidi Middleton, who began by selling bespoke denim on London's Portobello Road. Within two years the collection expanded into seasonal ready to wear, evolving from an underground phenomena in Australia to the runways of New York & London.

sass & bide offers a full range of women’s Ready-to-Wear, denim, leather, intimates, swimwear, accoutrement & exclusive gallery pieces. Currently stocked in over 20 countries, the range is available at premium boutiques, exclusive department stores worldwide and now shipping online to NZ, UK & USA.

Always from the heart, the brand continues to grow in stunning contrasts & contradicitions, maintaining the energy & love that happens when two amazing things collide.
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